Small Maris Serving Plate


 Pewtersmith and Sculptor

I have worked as a pewtersmith for over 20 years, designing and making homeware and sculpture.  I was introduced to pewter while doing a project on my silversmithing degree.  I loved the tactile quality of it as a material, which complimented the fluid sculptural style of my work and that there were so many techniques and processes you could use with it.

My current collection with its curved flowing lines is developed from a series of drawings that I did of bladderwrack, reflecting the shape and movement of it on the beach and in the sea.  Living minutes from the beach I find this frequently influences my work.

When making a piece whether it is a serviette holder or a vase, I want them to look like mini sculptures.  I want whoever owns a piece of my work to enjoy having them in their home to look at and to use, becoming intriguing focal points.

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Pewter Conker

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