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 Pewter Homeware & Sculpture

Through my sculptures and homeware, I aim to create beautiful, intriguing pieces that enhance the enviroment where they are placed and the life of the person who has chosen it.’

There are two distinctive elements to my work my pewter sculptures, ‘Home’ series and sculptural pewter Homeware.

My ‘Home,’ series is inspired by the natural world around me and the concept of home not as a house made of bricks.  But as when I saw in the rainforest, a dancing line of colour on the forest floor as the leafcutter ants carried the cut off petals and leaves and marched back in single file to their nest, their ‘Home.’

The sculptures explore this concept through pushing the boundries of working with pewter, to create refined unique one-off pieces that are designed to intrigue and enhance the spaces that they are placed whether in your home or a public space.  

My pewter homeware is also very sculptural, creating fascinating focal points whether on a dining table or a desk. Fluidity and movement are the key elements in my work and I use the material properties of the pewter and my expertise of over 25 years of working with it to capture these principles and keep pewter at the forefront of contemporary design.

To read more about me and my work click here or commission a piece of pewter.


sculpture – the home series.

pewter homeware – the maris range.


Pewter Conker

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