previous work.


A collection of homeware based on a series of drawings that developed into fluid shapes capturing the elegant fluid lines and movement ballet dancer’s body as she moves.

fruit collection.

These 3 collections of ltd edition pieces where developed using stylized drawings of  Starfuit, Apples and Tomato’s to create a range of bold pieces including a large and small flower vase, bowl and clock.

guppy collection.

A simple detail can sometimes inspire a whole range a work, this collection of pieces was inspired by a series of development drawings of the Guppy fish.  A few simple styalised lines can become a whole series of work.

lava collection.

Capturing the slow fluidity and movement of the lava as it flows and envelops its surroundings while moving over the surface of the volcano.

octopus collection.

This collection of work was captures the effortless fluid movement of the Octopus as it glides through the water.

pewter & glass.

I always enjoy to learn new skills and in 2013 I began glassblowing as I had ideas to it into my pewter work.

Combining pewter with the hand-blown glass demonstrated how the fluidity of these two materials complemented each other perfectly and in November 2015 I received the MADE Craft & Design Magazine award for my pewter and glass creations – a wonderful accolade which I was thrilled to receive.


I have in the past made a variety of products, here are a few examples.  A door chime, the idea based of the principle of a tubular bell the handle on the outside would be pulled and released to create a long resonnating sound. The 2nd picture is a wedding cake stand which was designed and made so that the top 3 plates could be removed and could be used for either flowers or a candle, giving the stand many variations. Picture 3 is my degree show at The Royal College of Art where I designed and made a series of bathroom accessories and the washbasin to go with it. 

rainforest collection.

A series of pieces designed and made following a 5 week trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, where I worked as a volunteer on a conservation project and used the photographs I took while I was there to inspire a collection of work.

swan collection.

Capturing the elegant lines of the swan, sometimes it can be a simple detail that can inspire a whole range of work.