Pewter Make Your Own Decorations Kit


This pewter repousse kit or sometimes known as embossing is a great gift for someone wanting to learn a new skill or just enjoys being creative.  There are detailed instructions and all the equipment needed so you can start one of the decorations straight away.

In stock (can be backordered)

This pewter repousse kit is the perfect gift for someone who wants to learn a new skill or enjoys being creative.  The kit contains 3 x wooden shapes to make your hanging decorations, pewter sheet, embossing tools, paper stump, piece of felt, templates, detailed instructions sheets and polyfiller.

The only extra equipment you will need is scissors, a pen,  glue and some string or ribbon to hang your decoration.

Whether you have done this type of craft before or not, it does not matter as there are detailed instructions with images guiding you through each step.  There are also two sheets of pewter, so there is plenty to allow for practise pieces or mistakes so no need to worry about running out.

Within the kit there is a pattern for a seahorse, daisy, heart and Christmas tree. Making it a perfect gift for Christmas or just to say you care.  You may even want to get it for yourself and the hanging decoration will be your gift to them.

So I hope you have fun and please do send pictures of your finished pieces as I love to see what people have done.