Flow Vases – Round & Oval


These simple flower vases are lovely gift they are perfect for a small bunch of flowers or foliage from the garden.  The simplicity of this highly polished design enables it to pick up reflections both from the area it is placed as well as the flowers within it.

Each vase is boxed and wrapped in archive tissue to protect it and has a aftercare leaflet and business card.

The vase will hold water, they are made in a lead free pewter so will not tarnish like old pewter.

The flow range comes in two designs either round or oval then each shape is also available in a large or small.

To keep the polished finish wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth likewise and drips o the vase remove with a soft cloth.

The small Round vases are H 10cm x W 11cm x D 3cm and the large round vases are H 13cm W15cm x D 4cm

Small oval vases are h 15cm x 7cm depth 6cm (at widest point), large oval vase w 19cm x h 11cm x d 3cm

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