Silk Spangle Gall


The silk spangle gall is home to the gall wasp larvae. Carefully hidden away on the underside of oak leaves, this delicate balance of protection and nourishment within the silk spangle gall highlights the remarkable relationship between the gall wasp larvae and the Oak tree.

The beautiful, delicate form protects the larvae; it is ‘Home’ giving nourishment and protection until they are ready to thrive and emerge in the spring.

Material: Pewter, coloured cast concrete and Ash base.

Dimensions:  H57cm x W28cm x D28cm

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The front of Silk Spangle Gall features finely detailed pewter galls, positioned on a sculpted cast concrete leaf detail, beautifully depicting the intricate lower side of an oak leaf.

Turn the sculpture around, and you’ll discover the repousse work on the pewter sheet at the back, showing the upper side of the leaf. This dual-sided design ensures an intriguing view of the piece from any angle no matter how you display it.

Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your home, office, or public space.

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