Inspired by my natural surroundings, the current range of sculptural work I am developing is my series ‘Home’ and ‘Hidden Botanicals.’

My sculptures allow me to create intriguing pieces that become focal points in a room or space, inspiring and enticing people to explore, observe, and study the intricate details captured in each piece.

I enjoy learning new skills to incorporate into my sculptures, and in the past, I have learned how to use ceramics, woodcarving, glassblowing, and concrete casting.

Pewter is always at the heart of my sculptural work, and the materials I choose to combine with it must be complementary and flow into the pewter, creating a harmonious piece.

Continuously learning new things for working with pewter is also very important for me. In 2023, I was thrilled to receive a QEST (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust) to go to the States, and in 2024, I will be going for just under 4 weeks to work with the pewtersmith Logan Woodle and learn pewtersmithing skills that are not taught in the UK. Once I have these skills, they will not only enable me to push my sculptural work, but I will also have these skills to pass on to people in the UK.