pewter sculpture – THE HOME SERIES

My current series of work Home started in 2019, exploring the word ‘home’ and what it means, not only to us as humans but also the many insects, mammals, fish and other creatures with which we share our planet.

Home gives us a feeling of belonging no matter whom or what we are, whether it is a nest, house, habitat or ocean. It is a place to feel safe, comfortable, connected or part of a community. A home provides space for an individual to shelter, sleep and eat in relative peace. For families, tribes or colonies it has the added opportunity to communicate and share knowledge. Whatever organism we may be, we all have a place where we feel comfortable – we know it as home.

I reflected on the wildlife around me or that I had seen on travels; like the leaf cutter ants in Peru, marching in a long colourful line, taking back food and materials to their nest, or the honeybee busy in its hive, the shore crab resting in its rock pool.

By magnifying the scale of the literal interpretation, I wanted to invite the observer to look closer, reflect on the behaviour and contemplate what may be the essence of home to that organism.

Pewter lies at the heart of all my work and over the years I have enjoyed not only mastering the skills and techniques involved, but also testing its abilities and challenging its creative potential. Home also gives me the opportunity to combine the metal with other materials such as concrete, experimenting and using the same processes of mould-making, casting and polishing to produce a harmonious fusion of the two materials.

The natural enviroment is a great influence on my work and it important to me that future generations can also enjoy it.  With this in mind I decided that each sculpture from my Home series that is sold make a donation to The Woodland Trust charity and then together we can help to plant the woods and regenerate the land.

You can buy my sculptures here and I am thrilled to also be showing my work in exhibitions with  Ruup & Form.