Pewter Christmas Decorations set of 3


Beautiful handmade pewter Christmas decorations to add sparkle to any tree.

Simply choose which 3 designs you would like from the drop down boxes.



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This set of 3 pewter Christmas decorations make a lovely gift for family or friends. Easy to post and can even make a bottle of wine a bit more special if you hang a decoration on it.

Simply choose which set of three you would like in the drop down box.

All decorations come wrapped in tissue with a card so the recipient will know were it has come from, who it was made buy and aftercare.

Aftercare for these treee decorations is mimimal, as they are all made in a lead free pewter so will keep the polished finish, ensuring your decoration will shine on your tree for many years to come.

Star 7cm x 7cm x 2mm
Three Trees 5cm x 5cm x 2mm
Holly with red beads 7.5cm x 2.5cm x 2mm
Pudding 4cm x 5cm x 2mm
Ivy leaves 3cm x 5.5cm x 4mm
Robin 6.5cm x 5.5cm x 3mm