Spiralling Leaf Cutter Ants


Leaf Cutter Ant Circle

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Pewter, Coloured Cast Concrete  

On a trip volunteering in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, I came across a line of leaf cutter ants marching back to their nest each carrying a piece of leaf or pink petal  creating a dancing line of colour. 


W 23cm x D 23cm x H 10cm

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It was while revisiting some pictures of a trip where I had spent a month working for a voluntary conservation project in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, I found a picture of a line of leafcutterants, carrying cut off leaves ahd petals back to their nest.  Spiralling Ants was inspired by this picture, watching the ants fulfilling their task of farming collecting food to take back to their nest to feed the rest of the colony.

My sculptures are inspired by nature, which is why for every piece sold from the series I donate a pair of trees to the Woodland Trust to help regenerate the land and ensure it is thriving for future generations.