Winkle Island Sculpture


Winkle Island

Living so close to the beach it is always a big influence on my daily life whether it is space to think or literally such as this piece.

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Winkle Island Sculpture

A section of the beach where I live in Littlehampton, W. Sussex is known as ‘Winkle Island’. 

It is a simple mound of shingle that is covered in winkles, each time the tide retreats 1000’s of these little molluscs make their way back to the island leaving a trail in the sand of the route they have taken.

This piece has been designed and made to highlight the paths they have travelled to get back home.

Over the years, with changing tides this unique island has moved along the Littlehampton Shoreline. Sadly now it is  not as visible as it once was, but when the tide goes out you can still witness, this movement of snails as they make their way 'Home'.

My sculptures are inspired by nature, which is why for every piece sold from the series I donate a pair of trees to the Woodland Trust to help regenerate the land and ensure it is thriving for future generations.

Pewter and Coloured Cast Concrete. 

(If interested in this piece please contact fleur prior to purchasing to discuss delivery options)

W 46cm x D 25cm x H 8cm