Maris Pewter Candlesticks Pair


Elegant handmade sculptural pair of pewter candlesticks.

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Enhance your dining experience with this elegant pair of sculptural, handcrafted candlesticks. They are meticulously designed to grace your dining table with their fluid, flowing forms and elegant aesthetics. Each candlestick mirrors the other, creating a symmetrical visual impact that will enhances any table setting.

Crafted with precision and care, these candlesticks are made from lead-free pewter, ensuring they remain tarnish-free and maintain their polished lustre for years to come. Illuminate your dining table with these stunning candlesticks and add a touch of elegance to every meal.

Make perfect gifts for a wedding or anniversary, dont forget 10 years is tin, so pewter is the perfect gift.

L12cm x W8cm x H 7.5cm