Spinning Whirligig Beetles Sculpture


Spinning Whirligig Beetles

The pond is the home of the whirligig beetle found in groups spiralling and gyrating on the pond, creating beautiful rippled patterns on the surface of the water. Constantly moving, but always aware of each other and their surroundings as they hunt their prey


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Spinning Whirligig Beetles Sculpture

Home gives us a feeling of belonging, no matter whom or what we are. Whether it is a nest, house, habitat, or ocean, it’s a place to feel safe, connected or part of a community.

A home provides space for an individual to shelter, sleep and eat in relative peace. For families, tribes or colonies it has the added opportunity to communicate and share knowledge.

Whatever organism we may be, we all have a place where we feel comfortable – we know it as home.’

For my 'Home' series I have reflected on the wildlife around me or that which I had seen; like the leaf cutter ants in a Peru, in a long snaking colourful line taking back the harvest / ingredients to their nest, the honeybee busily going about its business in its hive and the shore crab resting calmly in its rock pool waiting for the sea to return to name a few.

I have explored the literal interpretation, but on a magnified scale and so that you are drawn into the fine details.

Inviting you to look closer at the journey back to their home, it is capturing the essence of what their home is to them.

Pewter and Coloured Cast Concrete 

(If you are interested in purchasing this sculpture please contact Fleur prior to doing so to discuss delivery options)

My sculptures are inspired by nature, which is why for every piece sold from the series I donate a pair of trees to the Woodland Trust to help regenerate the land and ensure it is thriving for future generations.

W 58cm x D 28cm x H 5cm