Infinite Trails


INFINITE TRAILS SCULPTURE –  ‘Infinite Trails’ was inspired as I watched this line of ants marching back to their nest carrying brightly coloured petals and leaves as they fulfilled their task of farming collecting food to feed the rest of the colony.

This moving line dancing line of colour was beautiful to watch as they crossed the rainforest floor. The ants are returning to their nest.

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Part of my ‘Home’ Series

‘Home gives us a feeling of belonging, no matter whom or what we are. Whether it is a nest, house, habitat, or ocean, it’s a place to feel safe, connected or part of a community. A home provides space for an individual to shelter, sleep and eat in relative peace. For families, tribes or colonies it has the added opportunity to communicate and share knowledge. Whatever organism we may be, we all have a place where we feel comfortable – we know it as home.’

Infinite Trails Sculpture can be positioned in a variety of places within your home. On a table, shelf, desk or many others locations.  The main nest has two ants on it one appering to go into the next with the leaf (food for the colony) and the second is leaving the nest ready to go foraging again.

Dimensions: Nest – 20cm x 21cm x D 6cm Individual Ants X 6: L 8cm x W 6cm x H 2.5cm

Material: Pewter and Stainless steel antennae. It is made in a lead free pewter so will keep its polished finish.

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