Queens Sanctuary


QUEEENS SANCTUARY – Nestled within the inner sanctum of the hive, the queen reigns, safeguarding the colony’s future. She is surrounded by her loyal attendants, the worker bees, meticulously catering to her every requirement. They nourish her with royal jelly and meticulously prepare the cells for her egg-laying. In this bustling hive, every aspect of life revolves around the majestic presence of this regal bee.

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Designed so the sculpture can be viewed from all angles, Queens Sanctuary is part of Fleur’s ‘Home’ Series

‘Home gives us a feeling of belonging, no matter whom or what we are. Whether it is a nest, house, habitat, or ocean, it’s a place to feel safe, connected or part of a community. A home provides space for an individual to shelter, sleep and eat in relative peace. For families, tribes or colonies it has the added opportunity to communicate and share knowledge. Whatever organism we may be, we all have a place where we feel comfortable – we know it as home.’

Materials: Pewter, coloured cast concrete, 24ct gold leaf and glass gold lustre bee made by Elizabeth Welch.

Dimensions: W18cm x H16.6cm x D7cm

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